Terms and Conditions

1. Please do not ask your call girl to do anything abusive or inhuman. Do not force any girl that she don’t want to do. All things needed to be done are fixed at time of booking.

2. Please do treat your call girl with respect as she should be given and accorded as the talented and valuable person, attempting to do her job well. "Do unto others what you like others to do unto you".

3. Please do have the correct money ready, if payment by cash, before call girl arrives as she may not be able to make change for you.

4. Do not do or bring any drugs or do anything illegal while on appointments with our call girls. Please respect the laws of the country you are in and our escort agency’s policies too.

5. Upon confirmation of your escort bookings, Gurgaon call girls would take about 1 hour to visit you either at your hotel or private apartment. No other arrangements are accepted.

6. We do not send our escort girls for overseas assignments or out of Gurgaon with new customers for both security and discrete reasons. If you are our regular client, then it can be thought about after reviewing your behavior with our call girls in Gurgaon.

7. We also do not entertain pickups or allow our call girls to be sent back to our office or their homes with clients. This is to maintain discretion and to be professional in our dealings with you for your companionship arrangements.

8. Please do not exceed your escort service or massage service duration that is originally requested. Do contact our escort agency for your necessary arrangements for our acknowledgement as the safety of the call girl in your presence is both the responsibility of the client and our escort agency jointly.

9. If you do not like the Gurgaon call girl who arrived at your place, please give them rejection fees and make sure that she leave your place immediately. We will send you another escort lady at your request; however, we don’t encourage rejections here at Gurgaon Signature Escort Agency as we try our best to send you your escort date, matched closely and suited best to your personal escort preferences.

10. Please call in advance if you change your mind or if you want to cancel the appointment so as to avoid from baring with the payments/ fees.

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